Positive Affirmations

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50 Positive Affirmations for Young Children

 1.) I am smart

2.) I am unique

3.) I have a strong body

4.) I am creative

5.) I care for others

6.) I am helpful

7.) I have a positive attitude 

8.) I am a good friend

9.) I am brave

10.) I am funny 

11.) I try my hardest

12.) I forgive myself for my mistakes

13.) Today is going to be a great day

14.) I can control my own happiness

15.) It’s okay to not know everything 

16.) I can get through anything

17.) I can do better next time

18.) I have everything I need right now

19.) I am capable of so much 

20.) I believe in myself

21.) I am proud of myself

22.) I deserve to be happy

23.) I am loved

24.) I only compare myself to myself

25.) I can be anything I want to be 

26.) I accept who I am

27.) All of my problems have solutions

28.) I am making the right choices

29.) I am determined

30.) I am capable

31.) I am in control of my own emotions

32.) I am calm and relaxed

33.) My happiness is up to me

34.) I am important

35.) I can make a difference

36.) I am ready to learn

37.) I can do hard things

38.) I stick with things and don’t give up easily

39.) I cheer myself up when things get hard

40.) Learning is my super power

41.) I am brave enough to try

42.) I improve with lots of practice

43.) I ask for help when I need it

44.) I learn from my mistakes

45.) I am healthy

46.) I am a great kid

47.) I am grateful

48.) I enjoy new adventures

49.) I am a good sport

50.) I am a good listener 

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Therapy Help