Child Therapy

When do you need a Child Specialist?

 -Are you going through a breakup, separation or divorce and do you have children? 


-Do you have children and have gone through a separation or divorce? 

If the answer is yes to either of these, I can help. 

What is a Child Specialist?


A Child Specialist is a mental health professional with specific training and expertise in child development and family systems. A Child Specialist acts as a neutral party and assists parents in understanding their children’s needs as well as what research has found to increase resiliency and decrease risk. This helps parents make the most informed decisions during the separation and divorce process. 

A Child Specialist helps parents make decisions that take their children’s feelings and needs into account and gives children a voice in the creation of a parenting plan. After divorce, a Child Specialist can help families navigate transitions, such as a parent having a new significant other or the need for placement schedules to change as children age. 

Why hire a Child Specialist?


Research has proved what we all know... Divorce CAN be very harmful to a child's wellbeing IF it's not handled with care. Often times, parents aren't knowledgeable about how to help their children through this difficult time while also taking care of themselves. Jenna will help parents understand what their child uniquely needs through the process.